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Transync began with just five dedicated employees and a vision to revolutionize the trucking industry. Over the years, through relentless hard work and a commitment to be reliable to our clients, we’ve grown into a thriving company with over fifty employees and multiple outsourcing offices.

From our humble beginnings, we have built a reputation for efficiency and trust. Our team has expanded, and so has our reach, allowing us to provide seamless logistic solutions for the American trucking industry. Our success stories include delivering fast and professional solutions in supporting businesses for their logistic needs, with the latest technology.

Transync, continues to innovate and evolve, embracing new technologies and sustainable logistic solutions for future markets. Our journey is driven by a passion for a commitment to our client’s success.

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…We have grown with our clients over the years, together. Now they grow with us!
Our teams are competent and proactive. They are made up of individuals whose main priority is to provide the best customer service possible. Transync’s job is to help our clients expand their business and navigate a path to success. We aim to adapt to clients’ needs. We are well aware that the outsourcing and support we provide is mission critical and we take pride in that. You can count on Transync for all your operations.
We have the talent, the knowledge, and the capability to take your team to the next level.
We want to grow with you and be your trusted partner. The Transync standard is to match and exceed your expectations; it is to provide you with a level of service where your customers feel an improvement in operations and customer support.
We are a company that is dedicated to providing American logistics companies with unmatched operational coverage. Transync provides offshore solutions with offices in the Balkan. The stigma of offshoring is that it comes with a loss in quality of service, our goal is to flip that on its head.
We are a support company for the logistics industry that provides vital services to carriers and brokers. Whether you’re looking to reclaim your reputation, expand your customer base, or grow your team; we have the solution. It took us a while to find our true niche and we can provide solutions not possible before
Transync has the vision to become one of the leading providers of outsourcing solutions. We want to capitalize on the 24/7 coverage that the US logistics market so desperately needs. The up-and-coming, new carriers in the market need 24/7 operations to take their business to the next level and we are here for them.
In upcoming markets, we see that larger corporations struggle to cut their expenses. We are especially proud to give support and work with large corporations. They with us save their money, don’t lose the quality of their service, and upgrade their services to the next level.


Branislav Ben Peric
Team - CEO Transync
Marko Jevremovic
Marko Mark Jevremovic
General Manager
Nikola Radickovic
Nikola Nick Radickovic
Operations Manager
Nemanja Nate Stankovic
Logistics Specialist
Dusan Sten 2
Dusan Stan Stanisavljevic
Head of the Freight Guard Department