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“We gather a team of experienced outsourcing professionals and engage them to deliver our clients top-quality outsourcing solutions, guidance, training, and supervision.”
Your BPO requirements are unique. We understand your Business process and then utilize our industry best practice knowledge to deliver the Best BPO experience to you.
This is how we combine BPO and GPT in outsourcing:
  • BPO is Business process outsourcing, in Transync you get Business Professional Outsourcing
  • Global Talent (GT) is nothing without Professionals, so we bring to your satellite office GPT-Global Professional Talents.
We bring the professionals in BPO and create Transync GPT

Sure a lot of companies offer outsourcing, and plenty of them are phenomenal, but they are often not as hyper-focused as we are. Our solutions are specifically tailored to logistics companies. Finding good talent is half the battle in any business but due to the nature of transportation and logistics, it seems like a daunting task to choose the right people by your side. Furthermore, the importance of full coverage is another sore topic for most companies. One of the most difficult operational challenges for all logistics companies is the ability to provide 24/7 coverage. Transync takes those headaches away. The Balkan region is full of talented logistics professionals and the time zone difference is a perfect match for U.S. companies.

Entry-level and seasoned workers are ready to support your team and drive your business forward. In just 3-4 weeks, we find the stuff you need and get a dedicated office space for your team.

Everyone nowadays says they are “customer-centric,” or “customer-obsessed,” or “customer-focused.” We truly practice what we preach, let us walk you through our process:
First Week

On Day One we entrench ourselves in your operations in-person to truly feel the way your business runs day-to-day on our own skin; nothing beats the real thing. We spend a full week with your team learning the ins-and-outs of day ops and night ops to get a sound understanding of the level of care we must provide to you and your clients.

Second & Third Week

Then, we transfer that same level of service and customer care to our off-shore teams. The attention to detail each customer receives from Transync is unmatched and we dedicate ourselves to learning the intricacies of your business in order to match your operational needs. No task is too big or small for Transync, you can depend on us to cover all your bases.

Fourth Week

Our team is ready to go live! We start operational support and provide your customers and in-house team with 24/7 coverage.

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Professional service

In 5 simple steps

"To work as one team, never compromise on service, and treat your freight like it’s our own."


Live introduction

Learning about your business is an important part of our process.


Best Agreement

Strong and productive with minimized misunderstandings and relationships between us.


Team Selection

We understand that you need a professional team, and you need it fast.


Training process

In 3-5 weeks we tailored the team to your unique needs.


Team Ready and Steady

Your professionals are ready to go!

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